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Embroidery: When Screen Printing Just Doesn’t Cut It.

See how embroidery can make your logo pop.

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Custom Embroidery

Kick Print is proud to offer stand-out embroidery options for those who want to take professional and promotional wear to the next level. Kick Print’s hand-made embroidery for polo shirts, hats, and jackets is unparalleled both in price and appearance. Learn more about the embroidering process or frequently asked questions here.

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Choose your thread color!

Kick Print offers thread colors to compliment any logo and apperal item.
Scroll through or download the complete color list of what we offer below!

Note that color may vary silightly due to differences in monitor brightness.

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Thread Matching and Design

Not all artwork is created equal when it comes to embroidery. Sometimes artwork has negative spaces within other shapes, as shown with this logo below indicated by the red arrows. Since the apparel color cannot show through the embroidered logo, the negative space is replaced by a thread that matches the color of the apparel.

[row_inner] [col_inner span__sm=”12″ align=”center”] [ux_image id=”14894″ width=”99″] [ux_image id=”14882″ width=”88″] [divider width=”86px” height=”2px” color=”rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8)”]

Single Color Thread Design

If adding a second thread color is not your thing, the other option is to fill in the edges and negative space using the same thread used on the rest of the logo. See an example below.

[ux_image id=”14895″ width=”49″] [/col_inner] [/row_inner] [/col] [/row]

Stand Out with Puff Embroidery

If you’d like your brand to pop off the apparel (literally), Kick Print now offers
Puff style embroidery. This technique works best for simple logo marks and
is only offered on headwear, jackets and polos. See the example below!

[row] [col span__sm=”12″ align=”center”] [ux_image id=”15222″ width=”60″] [/col] [/row] [/section] [scroll_to title=”apperal”] [section bg_color=”rgb(240, 240, 240)” padding=”48px”] [row] [col span__sm=”12″ margin=”0px 0px -28px 0px” align=”center”]

Pick out your apperal!

Whether its hats, polos, jackets or button-up shirts, our
team can help you find the perfect apparel for your needs.

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Hooded Jacket

The logo is placed on the upper left chest, mindful of the drawstrings and zipper.

[/ux_image_box] [/col] [col span=”4″ span__sm=”12″] [ux_image_box img=”14935″ image_hover=”zoom”]

Polo Shirt

Great for businesses! Logo is placed on the
upper left chest of the shirt.

[/ux_image_box] [/col] [col span=”4″ span__sm=”12″] [ux_image_box img=”14936″ image_width=”82″ image_hover=”zoom”]

Quarter Zip

Keep warm with this quarter zip jacket! Logo is placed on the upper left chest.

[/ux_image_box] [/col] [/row] [row] [col span=”3″ span__sm=”6″] [ux_image_box img=”14937″ image_hover=”zoom”]


Logo embroidery on jackets is the same as on polo shirts; placed on the upper left chest.

[/ux_image_box] [/col] [col span=”3″ span__sm=”6″] [ux_image_box img=”14933″ image_hover=”zoom”]

Button Up with Pocket

On shirts with pockets, the logo is embroidered above the pocket on the upper left chest.

[/ux_image_box] [/col] [col span=”3″ span__sm=”6″] [ux_image_box img=”14934″ image_hover=”zoom”]


Logos on hats can be placed on the left or right panel, or across both in the center.

[/ux_image_box] [/col] [col span=”3″ span__sm=”6″] [ux_image_box img=”14930″ image_hover=”zoom”]


We do stocking caps! Placed on the inside so that it’s centered when folded to the outside.

[/ux_image_box] [/col] [/row] [scroll_to title=”placement”] [/section] [section bg_color=”rgb(240, 240, 240)” padding=”48px”]

Choose your artwork placement!

Whether its hats, polos, jackets or button-up shirts,
our team can help you find the perfect place to put your logo.

[/section] [section padding=”6px” border=”0px 0px 0px 0px”] [row v_align=”middle” h_align=”center”] [col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″ margin=”0px 0px 0px -25px” align=”center”] [ux_image id=”14869″ width=”77″ margin=”-35px 0px 0px 0px” depth=”3″ depth_hover=”3″ animate=”fadeInUp”] [/col] [col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″]

Perfect Placement

Kick Print offers embroidery on the left and right panels, or in the center of caps,  and on the upper right section of polo shirts. Our team can help you decide where your logo looks best, or even do multiple styles so you don’t have to choose!

[/col] [/row] [/section] [section padding=”0px”] [row style=”small” v_align=”middle” h_align=”center” padding=”0px 0px 0px 23px”] [col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″]

Left, right, or in the Center

To make a statement and show off your team or logo, embroidery on the center of a cap (shown on the left) is a great choice! For a more subtle approach, Kick Print can make the logo smaller and place it stylishly on the right panel (shown on the right).

[/col] [col span=”3″ span__sm=”12″] [ux_image id=”14864″ depth=”3″ depth_hover=”3″ animate=”fadeInRight”] [/col] [col span=”3″ span__sm=”12″] [ux_image id=”14876″ depth=”3″ depth_hover=”3″ animate=”fadeInRight”] [/col] [/row] [/section] [section padding=”6px” border=”0px 0px 0px 0px”] [row v_align=”middle” h_align=”center” padding=”0px 0px 0px 0px”] [col span=”7″ span__sm=”12″ align=”center”] [ux_image id=”14932″ margin=”-18px 0px -21px 0px”] [/col] [col span=”5″ span__sm=”12″]

With Embroidery on the Side

Take advantage of the extra advertising real-estate on the side of your headwear! Kick Print offers embroidery on the side of headwear, perfect for spelling out the name of your company or organization.

[/col] [/row] [row v_align=”middle” h_align=”center”] [col span=”5″ span__sm=”12″ margin=”-77px 0px 0px 0px”]

Offering Puff Embroidery 

Looking to stand out? Kick Print offers this embroidery style on caps, beanies, jackets and polos. Puff embroidery does work best on caps, which is why we suggest doing puff on headwear most of the time.

[/col] [col span=”7″ span__sm=”12″ margin=”0px 0px 0px -25px” align=”center”] [ux_image id=”14875″ width=”74″ margin=”-29px 0px 0px 0px” depth=”3″ depth_hover=”3″ animate=”fadeInLeft”] [/col] [/row] [/section] [scroll_to title=”shop”] [section bg_color=”rgb(247, 247, 247)” padding=”40px”] [row] [col span__sm=”12″ align=”center”]

Shop our store or get a quote today!

Check out our apparel handpicked for embroidery, or talk to someone about your needs.

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Shop for our hand-picked favorites for embroidery or get a quote below

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[button text=”shop now” color=”white” size=”xlarge” radius=”99″ link=””] [/text_box] [/ux_banner] [/col_inner] [/row_inner] [/col] [/row] [/section] [scroll_to title=”FAQ”] [section] [row v_align=”middle” h_align=”center”] [col span__sm=”12″] [accordion title=”Frequently Asked Questions”] [accordion-item title=”What should I keep in mind when doing embroidery?”]

Pick a color combo that works.

One important thing to keep in mind is the choice of color for both the thread and the apparel. You want to make sure that your logo or artwork will read well no matter what it is embroidered on. To do this, pick a thread color that compliments the apparel color, but has enough contrast to stand out. See examples here.

Be aware of what products we offer for embroidery.

Not all items are created equal. Some items are not suited for embroidery, such as T-shirts. If you have questions, our team can guide you on how to find what works best for you.

Embroidery price varies from product to product.

Because there are separate embroidery processes for each unique product, the price will vary. The cost to embroider a polo will not be the same as the cost to embroider headwear, even if they use the same artwork. Learn more about the different embroidering processes here.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”What issues might I run into with embroidery?”]

Incompatible Items

Some of the embroidery styles we offer is only done on select headwear (such as puff embroidery). Check with our representatives to make sure the embroidery style you choose is compatible with your chosen apparel.

Artwork Issues

The process of turning your logo or artwork into embroidery on a garment requires that the artwork you submit is a useable file. Issues occur when the artwork is not set up properly. Luckily, Kick Print has an art team that can turn your artwork into a usable file. Learn more about what file types are best for embroidery here.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Can I mix different items like hats and polos for the same order?”]

No, they have to be ordered as separate jobs.

Because there is a difference in the way these items are set up for embroidery, they do not cost the same amount. Since they have different prices, you cannot mix them; for example, you will have to order both the minimum number of polos and the minimum number of hats if you want both.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Is there a set up charge?”]

Yes, but there are some exceptions.

There is a one time fee of $50 to digitize your artwork for embroidery. This truly is a one-time fee, because if you reorder with no changes or if you have used the same artwork with Kick Print before, we will not have to digitize your artwork, saving you the fee. ​Also, if you have your digitized files, we are happy to wave the $50 fee. 

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”What do I need to get started with embroidery?”]

Artwork, ideas, and a little help from our team.

Once you’ve decided that embroidery is for you, the next step is to get your artwork and apparel ideas together and talk to our team to get started!

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Embroidery: What Works and What Doesn’t

Still not sure if embroidery is for you?  Learn more about the process below!

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