Refund and Return Policy


  • We will not refund or reprint due to misreading the sales order and invoice.  If the mistake was ours, we will make it right. If it was approved on your end, we will not consider that claim.
  • We will not refund or reprint due to misreading the final artwork approval.  If it was approved and we followed that approval, we will not consider a claim.
  • We will not refund or reprint for the size of the print not matching the virtual proof.  We only match the sizing called out.  The mockups are a close guess, but aren’t what will be used in production.
  • We may require the items to be sent back to our main office for inspection prior to determining the status of a claim.
  • We do not consider claims on orders that are more than 30 days old from reception of product.
  • We do not consider claims due to screen color differences.  Since it’s impossible to replicate “on screen” images and actual colors.  We can only guarantee the ink colors used,  not a match to the colors on the screen.
  • We do not provide refunds or reprints due to sizing issues unless the garment is defective. Since we only print on the garments and don’t manufacture them, we can’t control the fit of the garments.
  • We do not reprint or refund for pilling of hoodies or discoloration due to wear and sun exposure.
  • We do not provide refunds due to just not liking the final outcome.  If the print matches the proof and the print is what was ordered. No refunds or reprints will be provided.  However we may offer a better solution for you for the future.
  • We do not refund or reprint orders that are glow in the dark due to glow intensity.
  • We do not refund or reprint discharge orders that have adverse effects due to fabric conflicts with discharge.. since discharge is a re dyeing process that only works with certain colors of cotton.. we can’t guarantee results.
  • Any Reprints may use a different print method to fulfill the order which may vary slightly from the original.
  • We do not accept claims from members of a group order. Only our point of contact who placed the initial order.

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