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What Type Of Shop Suits Your Needs?

Group Store - Great for group orders, big events, or fundraisers. If you need merch for your school, group, cause, or church, this is the store you need!

Team Store - Great for teams of any kind. If you need personalization with names and numbers, this is the store type for you!

Company Store - Great for selling merch to customers or provide gear to your employees. If you need professional looking apparel, this is your store!

How Do You Want To Handle Payments?

Everyone Pays In Full

Everyone pays for their own order upfront - I want everyone to pay for their own order, no cost to me.

Everyone Pays A Portion

Everyone pays a portion for their order - I'll cover a portion of everyone's order; they pay anything above that. Bill me at the end for the rest.

I Pay For Everyone

No one pays for their order up front - No Charge to anyone. Bill me at the end. I'll pay for everything.


Variations = (0 out of 10)

Variations = Garment Choices + Colors

How many colors are in your design? (This will help determine pricing)

How many ink colors in front :

Front Print Only     Front & Back Print

No     Yes


Don't worry if your logo isn't perfect. Our team looks at every design and will help you get it just right.

Shipping Options

Please select which delivery and shipping option you would like to offer on the store?

Polybagging adds 3 days to the turnaround time for packing.



Custom Options

Please select which custom option you would like to offer on the store?

Term & Conditions

There will be no payout or commission until a 24 piece minimum per design has been met, if the store produces less than 24 pieces in sales, Kick Print will choose to either produce the items or cancel and refund the items and this isn’t the choice of the store creator.

I am also agreeing to supply Kick Print with a W-9 form within 30 days after the store closes and if there is no W-9 submitted within 30 days the commission will be forfeited.

I acknowledge that there will be no commissions or payouts made by Kick Print unless a W-9 form is submitted.