Simulation Process

Also known as Full Color Halftone printing, Simulation is a used to print photos, blends, gradients, or glows onto a garment. This process uses little dots (AKA halftone dots) to create shading and highlighting. Want to print a beautiful photo of your favorite pet or a detailed image of your artwork? Simulated Process is the print method for you.

Examples of Simulated Process Printing:

Tips for Simulation Printing

  • Simulation works great for gradients and photos
  • Your original image must be High Quality in order to print well
  • More colors = more money, but a better quality print that’s definitely worth it
  • Specific PMS callouts and Neon colors are difficult to do
  • Simulation uses a halftone dot texture, so lower quality images creates a more grainy print texture
  • Additional setup fees may apply depending on the complexity of the design.

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