Face Masks

In an effort for us to become an essential business and help fulfill the needs of COVID-19 we are offering non-medical masks. 

Laser cut without human touch from a soft T-Shirt or a Fleece Hoodie. Perfect for food delivery, daily errands, or an E95 mask cover to prolong the life of the mask.   Get the Mask Blank in packs of 10 or customized with your company logo in packs of 120 pcs.

Faith Over Fear

This all was inspired by a series of bad events.  Covid-19 has knocked out almost 90% of our business.   One day I reached my limit.  I was angry crying and living in full blown FEAR.  Mad that this was happening and facing the possiblity of financial ruin. 

Then I realized I wasn’t having Faith. I was letting FEAR get the best of me.  After praying and taking to my wife for over an hour, we both decided to make the best of this and start GIVING and using our resources for the good!

We Carry All the Brands you love

Uncensored Customer Reviews

"AMAZING! You definitely will not get a more genuine or perfect service anywhere else!"
Victoria Nguyen
"​Kick Print has done so much for our community helping us raise money for Pacific High School’s scoreboard in memory of Randy George. Their goal was to sell 50 shirts and thanks to them for relaunching the orders we now have over 1000!!!! Thanks so much Kick Print! You are so awesome"
Jordan Viviano

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